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DMS-7: Telephone Training Port Adapter Telephone Training Adapter
DynaMetric Model: DMS-7


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Detailed Description:

The DMS-7 Training Port is used for the monitoring and training of persons using the telephone for customer sales and service contacts. It is designed for use by a student handling a customer call and an instructor monitoring the call on a second handset. The instructor's handset is permanently muted. The student's handset can be muted by the rocker switch on the DMS-7. When muted, the instructor and student can talk directly to each other not using the phone, and the called party will not hear the conversation.  The DMS-7 connects two handsets to the same telephone. Handset connections are mini-mod plugs. The instructor's instrument is "listen only". The student's is full duplex and is the only one that can talk to the calling party when the MUTE switch is in the NORMAL position. 

To install, plug the pigtail of the DMS-7 into the handset port in the phone base where the handset coil cord is normally connected. Plug the coil cord from the student's handset into the mini-mod jack adjacent to the pigtail. Plug the coil cord from the instructor's handset into the jack opposite the pigtail on the DMS-7. With the rocker switch in the "NORM" position, the student can carry on a normal conversation with the calling party. The instructor can "listen only". In the "MUTE" position, the calling party cannot hear what is said directly between the instructor and the student.

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