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MPR-5: Home Handheld Phone Recorder Phone Tap
DynaMetric Model: MPR-5
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$118.95 In Stock Arcadia, CA  
Detailed Description:

Take control of your phones - whether you do business on the phone, need to remember important information or just want to know what's being said on your phones.  The NEW MPR-5 easily plugs into any phone jack in your home, it will automatically start recording whenever any extension is picked up and clearly record both sides of the conversation. The MPR-5 is small, lightweight and portable and produces no noticeable effect on the phone line. The MPR-5 runs on two little AAA batteries, so it can be placed anywhere.  Take control of your phone and your life with the latest in technology, the NEW DynaMetric Phone Recorder!


- Sony digital voice recorder
- 2GB built-in flash memory
- Automatically saves recordings as MP3 files
- 500 Hour recording time
When powered by the optional external AC power supply}  
     Click here for the AC power supply.

- Full function display
- Expandable micro SD/M2 card slot
- Microphone sensitivity feature
- Voice operated recording (VOR)
- Built in microphone
- Digital, monaural recording
- 12 hours battery playing life
- 2 "AAA" batteries included
- 5 message folders
- On-screen clock
- Safety lock
- Cue and review, easy search
- Compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers

- Works with ALL types of HOME telephones

*One year DynaMetric warranty included

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