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TBR-20-5S: 5-Second Beep Tone Generator (Battery Powered)
DynaMetric Model: TBR-20-5S


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$124.95 *Limited Stock Arcadia, CA
Detailed Description:

- Battery powered: (3 volt lithium battery included)
- Adjustable beep volume level.
- Beeps every 5 seconds.
- Inserts beeps into your telephone conversation to let people know they are being recorded.

The TBR-20-5S inserts a beep every 5 seconds onto phone conversations on almost any type of phone equipped with a modular handset connection. The beep is heard by all parties on the call, and will be recorded if a recorder is used.

The TBR-20-5S is battery powered and therefore not dependent on phone power or a plug-in power supply. The battery is a common lithium type that is designed to last 1 year, and is customer replaceable. For phones that have power available at the handset, call about our phone powered TBR-10. The beep volume is adjustable by simply using a small screwdriver. Installation takes just a few minutes.

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