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THP-700RTS Telephone Headset Radio Transfer Switch
With Dry Switch Closure Model: THP-700RTS


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Detailed Description:

The THP-700RTS is an interface between telephone consoles or Automatic Call Directors and radios with headsets. It outputs a dry switch closure for use by the radio to transfer the headset from the radio to the telephone. It also outputs analog audio of the telephone conversation to a recorder, if desired. An RJ-11 jack outputs the recorder audio on pins 3 & 4, and the dry switch closure on pins 2 & 5 of the jack (see diagram). The audio output need not be used if recording is not desired.

The THP-700RTS detects an audio signal on the incoming telephone talk path and connects the headset and simultaneously outputs the dry switch closure. An LED indicates to the operator that the telephone talk path is connected. The dry switch closure and the headset connection are maintained as long as there is audio signal on the phone. After a settable quiet time of 5 to 30 seconds (usually 10 seconds) on the phone, the dry switch closure opens and the headset is disconnected and reverts to the radio.

A “TALK” push button adjacent to the LED on the THP-700RTS will toggle the headset connection from the telephone to the radio and back again. If the LED is ON (headset connected to telephone), the push button will revert the headset to the radio (opens the dry switch closure). If the LED is OFF (headset connected to the radio), the push button will reconnect the headset to the telephone. The push button allows the immediate connection of the headset to either radio or telephone. The telephone call must be placed ON HOLD for the headset to remain connected to the radio.

There are three adjustments available to accommodate individual phone installations. The units are adjusted at the factory to normal settings that work with most telephones. Do not readjust unless it is indicated after testing on the particular telephones. Follow the adjustment instructions if it is necessary.

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