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TMP-636S: Transmit Patch with Switch - DISCONTINUED, see TMP-636 Webinar Recorder
DynaMetric Model: TMP-636S
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Detailed Description:

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- Ideal for Web conference recording and playback.
- Connects telephone to PC soundcard.
- Full duplex, bi-directional audio connection between phone and PC.
- Plugs in between your handset and phone base.
- Easy to install without tools.
- Compatible with most home and business (digital or multi-line) phone systems.
- Switch allows easy selection of speaker or phone playback from computer.
- Connects to PC soundcard microphone and speaker jacks using standard mini plug connectors on a 6-foot cable.

The TMP-636S adapter enables you to record the telephone portion of a webinar along with the video presentation. The TMP-636S connects to the telephone's handset or headset port. It captures the telephone's audio and sends it to the computer for the webinar recording software to record the audio. The webinar recording software will synchronize and combine the video with the audio from our TMP-636S, making it into one file.

The TMP-636S also plays back your audio through either the telephone or external speakers using a switch on the TMP-636S.  Although the TMP-636S is ideal for recording conference calls and webinars, it can also be used for:

- Playing audio into your telephone call.
- Playing on hold music during or before a webinar.
- Perfect for recording and playing back Webcast and Podcast.
- Play pre-recorded messages over PA systems.
- Plays music into your voicemail system for professional sounding voicemail messages.
- Resolves pre-recorded customer disputes by playing recorded conversations back into the telephone.
- Easily connects to professional recording mixers and equipment for studio telephone recording and playback.

(HANDSET) PDF instructions

(HEADSET) PDF instructions


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