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DynaMetric - Telephone Headset Radio Transfer Switch - THP-700RTS Family


The THP-700RTS simplifies integrating your dispatch radio headset console with your telephone. The THP-700RTS provides the contact closure that the radio console needs to switch the headset over to the phone without forcing the operator to use the handset for the telephone and headset for the radio. The same headset used by the radio is switched over to be used by the telephone.  This radio telephone integration is needed in 911 dispatch centers, emergency response centers and radio dispatch companies where both telephone and radio communication are used.

Some of the features of the standard THP-700RTS are:
- Alert Tone tells both parties to the phone call that the operator is now connected
- Isolated recording output included
- Compatibility with most telephone types and models
- Very simple operation for short operator training
- VOX sensitivity, VOX delay and Alert Tone volume are all adjustable

The THP-700RTS senses audio on the telephone and sends its contact closure output to the radio console causing it to pass the headset connections over to the THP-700RTS, which connects it to the telephone. Switching back and forth between the phone and radio can also be done with the push button on the THP-700RTS.  The THP-700RTS is a member of the DynaMetric Radio Telephone Transfer Switch family of products. There is great flexibility in the design that can provide many special features.  Click on the table of products below.

Custom units can be made with various combinations of features, such as:
- No Alert Tone
- 15 Second beeps on phone line to inform telephone parties they are being recorded
- Additional contact closure output, normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC)
- Special cable to phone (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 6 pin RJ11 with PTT pass-thru, etc
- Custom VOX action (no VOX, VOX switches to phone only, ..)

The Setup
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RTS Family Features
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RTS Family RTS Connection Procedure

THP-700RTS Telephone Headset Radio Transfer Switch
Sale Price: $399.95
THP-700RTS Telephone Headset Radio Transfer Switch
THP-700RTS Telephone Headset Radio Transfer Switch With Dry Switch Closure