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DynaMetric - Call Recording - Quality Call Recorder for Recording Calls


Not that long ago, phone call recording was complicated and expensive. The specialized equipment it required was so cost prohibitive that only companies and agencies with big budgets could afford it. It was also awkward to set up and implement. The machinery was hefty, often in inverse proportion to the quality of the sound. Fast-forward to today and, wow, have things changed! Thanks to advances in technology and competitive pricing, call recording has never been easier, cheaper, or more effective.  DynaMetric call recorders are lightweight and discreet, and leave no noticeable effect on the phone line. Forget about unwieldy systems that take several technicians to assemble and monitor. Today, even small business owners and individuals can empower themselves with an automatic call recording system from DynaMetric. Communication isn’t just one factor of business—along with capital and profits, it’s the most critical factor, the ultimate determinant of your success. Poor communication can bring down a business. Imagine the consequences of imprecise details, misunderstood instructions, poor recall of legal stipulations, and more.  Don’t risk it—record it! 

Consider the benefits of our DynaMetric call recording products:

  • They enable you to save high quality recordings of both sides of your phone conversations to your computer.

  • They work with virtually any corded phone—analog, digital, IP, single-line or multi-line, handset or headset.

  • They ensure that you will have an accurate and complete record of all your most important communications.  After all, you are careful to preserve records of any written communications, so why risk losing an important spoken message?

Please note: Our call recorders are compatible with many types of telephones. However, they are not designed to work with such outmoded devices as "Princess" or Trim-Line style phones that feature a dial pad in the handset. Our products will not work on some GE phones. Call us with your questions at any time. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer representatives would be happy to help you find the perfect match between our  phone call recording devices and your phone, including GE phones.