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Call Recording Announcers

The TRA-900 Telephone Recording Announcer plays a prerecorded announcement onto the phone conversation whenever the handset is lifted. The announcement is audible to all parties on the call, and is recorded. The announcement can be played again by pushing the red button on the unit. This can be used on outgoing calls to trigger the announcement after the call is answered, or at other appropriate times.

The TRA-900 is compatible with most corded desk top telephones using handsets. The volume of the announcement can be adjusted with a small straight blade screwdriver through a hole in the bottom of the unit. For an additional charge, the TRA-900 can be customized to play other types of recorded announcements.
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The default announcement is a female voice saying:
This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes."

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TRA-900: Telephone Recording Announcer
Sale Price: $239.95
TRA-900: Telephone Recording Announcer
Telephone Recording Announcer