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When audio recording and listening devices began in the early 1900's, few could have imagined the impact it would have on our daily lives. DynaMetric has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology starting in 1958 as an engineering development company specializing in limited quantity production runs.

Our customers included Lockheed Advanced Development Projects (The Skunk Works), Eastman Kodak, US Air Force, the US Navy and other US government agencies.

We were a subcontractor for the SR-71 and F-117 stealth fighter aircraft and manufactured various electronic, mechanical, optical, and hydraulic systems for those vehicles. DynaMetric also designed and built a vibration isolation mount to protect a stereo camera during the power decent of the Lunar Module on the first few Apollo moon landing missions.

In 1986 DynaMetric developed the first Telephone Recording Patch, model TRP-100 which is still in existence today. Since then many variants of this product have been added to our product line. In 1994 we turned all of our attention to the telephone recording side of our business, developing a wide variety of telephone recording products to meet the many needs of our customers.

Looking ahead, DynaMetric will remain unwavering in our commitment to honor the past with bold steps forward. We will continue to build on that heritage of innovation and carry it through the next 50 years.

A DynaMetric 50 Year Fact

The first Telephone Recording Patch (model TRP-100) was introduced in 1986 by DynaMetric. The TRP-100 enabled people to make high quality recordings of both sides of a telephone conversation on audio recorders.