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Here's how Call Saver® Pro™ works:

1. Install the Call Saver® Pro™ software on your PC.

2. Connect the adapter to your phone and PC soundcard.

Voice Detect Mode:

3. Click on setup, then click automatically record.  It's that simple!

Automatic Recording:


Call Saver® Pro™

can record all your calls in automatic  mode.  Once the call is finished, you have the option of adding notes to it.  You also have the option to playback the last minute of a call in progress.

Manual Recording: 

If you want to manually control your recordings, select setup and click the manual record button. This will allow you to select the calls you want to record.

Is this simple or what?  Try it for yourself,   download the demo here .  Or contact  us with your questions at 1-(800) 525-6925 or email us at support@dynametric.com . Order now, choose one of FIVE telephone recording adapters to use with the Call Saver® Pro software.