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McKesson Phone Recording Adapter

Welcome McKesson users!  We've created this special page to assist you in purchasing the DynaMetric adapter that will work with your MCL On-Demand application.  The TMP-636 records telephone and computer audio, synchronized with your MCL On-Demand conference recordings.  The TMP-636 enables you to play the audio portion of PowerPoint presentations or recorded MCL On-Demand conferences over the phone so that the people on the phone can hear the audio within the presentations.  The MCL On-Demand recording software will synchronize and combine the video with the audio from the TMP-636, making it one file.   

For more technical information regarding the adapter, please contact us at 800-525-6925 or email us at
support@dynametric.com for additional information.

 Please Note:  Our adapters are not compatible with "Princess" or Trim-Line style phones where the dial pad is in the handset.  Our products will not work on some GE phones, contact us for compatible models for GE phone.

TLP-102: Telephone Logger Patch
Sale Price: $65.95
TLP-102: Telephone Logger Patch
Telephone Logger Patch
Click Here For More Information
TMP-636: Transmit Patch
Sale Price: $95.95
TMP-636: Transmit Patch
TMP-636 | Telephone Transmit Patch - Recorder Multiplexer