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DynaMetric - Phone Taps and Undetectable Call Recording

DynaMetric brings you undetectable phone recorders and discreet phone taps.  Tired of playing the “Who Said What” game?  In today’s busy world of 24-hour communication, it’s never been more important to maintain clear and accurate call recording. The consequences of misunderstanding or other information gaps are just too serious to take chances. Don’t risk it—record it!

Make the Right Call
When recording phone calls is a key priority of yours, how can you be sure that you’ve found the best telephone recorder for your specific purposes?  The solution is clear—call DynaMetric. When it comes to communication documentation, DynaMetric is always your best call! From our cutting edge technology to our comprehensive range of highly specialized telephone recording devices, we offer the precise solution for virtually every type of phone communication.

Discover DynaMetric
No matter what your setup, DynaMetric has the perfect discreet recording products tools to create a discreet, high quality phone tap on your calls. Whether you need portable options like handheld recorders or a setup with caller ID, DynaMetric supplies every call recorder you need to take control of your phone and your life. 

Our equipment selection and quality is second to none. With DynaMetric...

  • You control the conversation. Communication is power. Empower yourself with an automatic call recorder. From beep tone generators to discreet voice activated recorders, our devices offer you more choices.

  • You can get coverage on the go. Are you a cellphone user? We offer a full spectrum of compatibilities—yes, that includes Android call recording!

  • You’ll never miss a call—no matter how many calls come in! Match voice logger recording to your needs. From a single phone voice call recorder to multiple-line call center recording, DynaMetric delivers on scalability.

Automatic call recording has never been easier!
Simply plug the device into any phone jack in your home or business. Calls begin recording whenever any extension is picked up. The tap clearly records both sides of the conversation and is lightweight, discreet, and leaves no noticeable effect on the phone line. With user-friendly devices and a variety of phone recorders in stock, DynaMetric is your ideal source for discreet phone taps.

Buy Now
Click on any product for more information. Then add your undetectable phone recorder to your cart before 2:00 p.m. PST for same-day shipping direct to your door. Create your account with DynaMetric, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to get all the latest information about our products and services. Contact us today by phone, email, or online with any questions about DynaMetric!