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Stealth Phone Recorder Download

DOWNLOAD - Click here

Date Updated:
Compatible Operating Systems:
All Windows Operating Systems
Download Size:
2.90 MB
How to install:

NOTE: Software download and installation instructions may vary depending on your computer's operating system and type of web browser. Please keep in mind you will not be able to record telephone calls without one of our DynaMetric recording adapters connected to your telephone line.


1. Click the Download button on the left, then click the Save File button when it appears.


2. Find a good location to save the file to, such as your Desktop or My Documents folder.


3. Click the Save button again.


4. When the download is complete, close all other applications.  Double click the Download icon, then click Install.  When the files have finished being extracted, click Close. 

5. Referring back to step number two above, go back to where you had saved the original file.  Open the folder USBPhoneRecorderV3 and double click on the USBRecorder.zip icon.  The Stealth Phone Recorder software should appear on your screen, if not simply open your System Tray located near your system's clock on the bottom right side of your computer screen.  Find the Stealth Phone Recorder icon, right click on it and choose Restore.  The Stealth Phone Recorder software should appear on your screen.