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Telephone Logger Patches

Stop “throwing away” your most important phone calls! Today, so many of our key communications take place on the fly—a cell phone check-in here, a conference call there, and any number of business transactions, too, from buying and selling to managing and producing. You wouldn’t toss the papers on your desk or delete your important computer documents—so do you really want to take a chance that you’ll somehow remember important details from hundreds or even thousands of spoken communications?

Clear the communications fog—with call logging! DynaMetric’s telephone logger patches allow you to make high-quality phone recordings from any conversation. These recording devices work with your corded home or business phone and give you a verbatim history from both sides of the call. The loggers create a clear, accurate audio file for you to replay or reproduce at will and preserve the exact content of any conversation. 

Say Hello to Telephone Call Logging!
Telephone call logging allows you to effortlessly document business or personal calls for any reason and provide evidence or reference for later use. The technology is so advanced and the equipment couldn’t be more compact! In fact, today’s devices even allow you to conduct headset call logging. The telephone logger patches fit discreetly between your handset, headset, and base and allow you to control what calls you monitor.

Call Recording, Made Convenient
No matter what your work and communication style, there’s a system that’s just right for you. Along with their convenience, our devices are also designed to help keep you in compliance. For example, if you commonly record phone calls during interviews, service calls or another reason, you can give your participants a beep notification that sounds ever fifteen seconds, as suggested by the FCC for recording calls. 

Dynamic and Verstaile—That’s DynaMetric!
DynaMetric’s telephone logger patches work with virtually any corded phone, including analog, digital, IP, single-line or multi-line. Choose a model with features, power adaptors, and amplification to fit into your phone system and order online.  Call or contact us today to find out all the ways that DynaMetric products can transform your communications into your best asset.

Click here for the 100 Series

For handset or headset users. 
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Click here for the 700 Series

For 1/4 inch dual prong headset users.
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Click here for the 700 Series

Designed for telephones with HOT microphone handsets.
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Please Note:
The products below will NOT connect to a computer sound card.  If you would like to record to your computer directly, please view our PC & Cassette Phone Recording Adapters.  Click here for details.