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DynaMetric - Call Recording Software - Call Saver® Pro™

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Telephone Recording Software


Our Call Saver® Pro™ Telephone Recording Software System enables you to save, sort, and retrieve recordings of your phone calls on your computer. Great for small or home businesses, individual users, or anyone who wants to keep records of their telephone conversations. Save your telephone conversations directly to your computer. Easily e-mail or backup conversations. File your conversations in folders, or directories on your hard drive or any network drive, for instant access in the field, office, or courtroom.

Software Features
- Records automatically and manually
- Works with virtually any corded phone and PC
- Automatically time & date stamps recorded files
- Archive recorded files to any network drive or server
- Automatically saves recordings as WAV files
- Easy online registration (requires Internet connection)
- Instant playback of the last minute of a call in progress
- Compatible with all Windows operating systems

Choose one of telephone recording adapters to use with the Call Saver® Pro™
The only difference in the recording kits below are the adapters themselves, the software stays the same. The Call Saver® Pro™ software is also sold separately, click here for details.

Additional Information
- Systems Requirements
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Call Saver® Pro™ Return Policy
- Demo Download
- PDF Instructions

One software license is valid for one computer onetime only, licenses are not transferable to other computers. Each software license has one backup license in the event of a computer malfunction or crash the backup license can be used. We recommend downloading and trying our software to determine its compatibility and suitability with your application. Un-registered licenses can be returned within 60 days of purchase.