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DynaMetric - Webinar Recorders - Ideal for Webinar Recording & Playback

Still taking notes at webinars? What a hassle! Whether you’re hosting the webinar or attending one, you’ve probably discovered what a waste of time and resources it is to painstakingly take notes by hand. Ironically, you end up missing a lot of the most important information because you’re staring down at your paper or racing to keep up.  If only you could just focus the presentation! After all, a good webinar doesn’t just presents fresh ideas, information, and strategies. It helps build connections between the presenters and their audience.  Now there’s a way to preserve the information for review at a later time that allows all participants to engage more fully during the webinar. DynaMetric is pleased to present our latest options for webinar recording.

DynaMetric’s webinar and conference call recorder lets you effortlessly capture company minutes, objective lists, strategies, and other information from your remote meetings. Because your audio file records input from all sources clearly and accurately, you can focus on the topics at hand and not be distracted by added print collateral. Forget taking detailed notes or glancing down at summaries.  Now you can be “in the moment,” focused, and alert to suggestions and strategies for more dynamic communications.

DynaMetric recorders are so user-friendly!
The phone conference call recording adaptors plug in easily between your handset or headset, phone base, and computer soundcard. Audio from all participants is then recorded through the webinar provider’s recording software and combined with any visuals into one file. The recorders are compatible with most corded home or business phones and headsets, webinar services, and computers.

Note: Our conference call and webinar recorders are not specialized for Princess or Trim-Line style phones and may be incompatible with some GE phones. Want to record conversations on your mobile phone? Please see our Cell and Cordless Phone Recording Adapters.
Our designs allow for playback during your conversation or verbatim recording. They can be easily installed without tools or other assistants and will not interfere with your conversation. Order online and contact DynaMetric for more information.

These models WILL NOT WORK with CELL OR CORDLESS PHONES, if you have a CELL OR CORDLESS phone please see our Cell & Cordless Phone Recording Adapters or click here.

TLP-102: Telephone Logger Patch
Sale Price: $94.95
TLP-102: Telephone Logger Patch
Telephone Logger Patch
Click Here For More Information
TMP-636: Transmit Patch
Sale Price: $114.95
TMP-636: Transmit Patch
TMP-636 | Telephone Transmit Patch - Recorder Multiplexer